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Check the calendar and if it's busy you can still enquire to check what activity is on and if there are still places available.

This website is still under construction and we hope to improve its functionality day by day.

To book with us please email us or use the chatbox.

tel./whatsapp +34 674938274

About us

Aò! Experience was born from the passion for nature, for the sea and for sport. With the idea of ​​sustainability and respect for the environment, we will accompany you to discover wonderful places. In 2014 we chose to live in Lanzarote, a volcanic island belonging to the Canary Archipelago and a World Heritage Site (UNESCO). One of a kind, small and very special, surrounded by the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The first to which conquerors (and others) landed on their routes beyond the Pillars of Hercules. A wild island, where paradisiacal beaches contrast with volcanic landscapes, where lava becomes desert, where nature finds its outlets among the waves and lunar landscapes. This island is our home, the need to live and rediscover it every day is irresistible and we like to do it with you! Every experience deserves to be unique, exciting and unforgettable, so offering you excursions and sports activities in total safety and with the utmost professionalism is our mission. Seeing the wonder of Lanzarote's beauty in your eyes awakens the same sensations within us as when we first arrived here.

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